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In response to the incredible speed and spread of this pandemic, the Directors of SM Plant have decided to adopt a policy that as much as possible, reduces the risk of our valuable staff, customers and suppliers being contaminated. We believe that waiting for the inevitable advice from the Government to “lock down” is to some extent increasing that risk, and that not having anybody at the depot in Rugby, or any of our engineers working on site, is the only way to  ensure this, and we are closed with immediate effect from 23rd March until further notice. The sooner we start this process, we believe the sooner we will get back to normal.

The phones are diverted to Simon Milligan, the M.D. and with remote connectivity, we will have the ability to help identify Parts required and arrange for the despatch of Light Equipment & Spare Parts as normal. ( subject to the future decisions of our valued Suppliers and Delivery Agents )

In addition, collections from or appointments with Simon are available at the Rugby yard, subject to times being agreed prior and with a maximum of 2 visitors present at any one time. Obviously, if you or anybody you have been in contact with, have any symptoms of the Coronavirus, please do not attempt to arrange a visit to our yard/building, simply contact us by phone or by e-mail.

For regular updates please text Simon on 07866 771011 and ask to be added to the “SM Plant, Covid 19 Update”  WhatsApp group, or visit our website www.smplantsales.co.uk

The Directors of SM Plant are incredibly grateful for your support in the past, and hope that you understand our belief that these measures are necessary.

We wish you a safe passage through these hitherto unchartered waters, and look forward to “seeing” you again as soon as is humanly possible.

Kind regards,

Team SM Plant