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Steelwrist Attachments

With a tiltrotator mounted on your excavator you can change the way you work and achieve a significantly higher productivity. Digging around poles, close to house foundations, close to pipes etc can be done much faster and withouth moving the excavator. The soil disturbance will be reduced wich often is greatly appreciated by your customer.

Additionally the ability to use several different attachments will allow you to undertake several types of operations from the cockpit. Switching between attachments is done from cockpit in a matter of seconds. With the integrated gripper you will easily move trees, stones, pipes and other bulky objects that would otherwise require manual invervention.

Operations that previously needed a lot of additional support can be handled by yourself. As an excavator driver you can do things faster and with greater precision than previously, which will help lowering the costs of operation

Steelwrist tiltrotators

Modern tiltrotators for excavators between 2 and 26 tons

Steelwrist offers a modern range of tiltrotators made for excavators and backhoe loaders up to 26 tons. There are three types of advantages with the Steelwrists tiltrotators compared to other products.

Product advantages

The exceptional versatility and productivity is achieved by a number of product features giving you superior earthmoving efficiency.

Key product features:

Modern product range

We were able to set our product range as late as 2000 to 2005 which allowed us to take the last fifteen years of excavator development into account. This means that we have a different product range compared to alternative brands.

The result is that for many of the large volume excavators, you either get a half size more powerful tiltrotator with the same weight or a significantly lighter and more compact tiltrotator for improved fuel efficiency and digging geometry.

Steelwrist development focus

We focus our efforts on maintaining our technology leadership and to optimize solutions towards the end customer (instead of optimizing towards or own production process). When we have to choose between a one size fits all solution and an the alternative we always go for the solution that brings the highest value to the end customer.

This is why we put so much effort into all the details leading up to a better fuel efficiency, superior versatility and best digging geometry.

Add to this the advantages with Steelwrist Control Systems and Work Tools for best Earthmoving Efficiency.

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